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Hello, and thank you for visiting the Simona StitchworksTM website. My name is Simona and I am originally from Italy: Palermo, Sicily, to be exact. In 2013 I immigrated to the United States and lived for a few years in New York City. Currently, Florida is my home. I love being here – the sun and beach nourish me and the temperate climate allows me to ride my motorcycle all year long.

My interest in crochet and knitting began as a child. I am so thankful to my mother for introducing me to these crafts and for teaching me basic stitching procedures as well as more advanced techniques. At the age of thirteen I managed to knit a functional and stylish sweater without using a pattern. The creative process I engaged when making that sweater was so gratifying and it really crystalized what has become my life-long passion for crochet and knitting.

Over the years, my repertoire has expanded to include handbags, jewelry, sweaters (for both humans and pets), hats, scarfs, pet toys, doilies, bookmarks, ZkarfeesTM and a host of other accessories. I have worked with a variety of materials, including different types of wool, acrylic, and cotton yarns. A few years ago, I discovered and started to utlize T-shirt yarn. As someone who has a concern for the environment, I was intrigued by the fact that this material is 100% recycled. It is also durable and easily washable -- characteristics that offer obvious advantages.

Simona Stitchworks is the brand I created to feature and sell my work. When I make a piece, it is done with a love for my craft and a commitment to providing my customers with quality handmade products that are unique, stylish, and functional.


Please send a message if you have any questions about Simona StitchworksTM products or policies. Your message will be promptly answered (typically - within 24 hours).